Project ALEA*

Alea, Aleatory:

depending on the throw of a die or on chance; random.

How It Works

Project ALEA is a public performance and a social experiment, where the participants are both actors and audience, acting alone and upon each other.

Each activation of Project ALEA lasts one week, and centers around one city. During the activation, each participant is given 2-4 orders per day, chosen for her alone - and completely at random - by our computerized system. The orders are sent via SMS, email, or viewed here on the site. They fit into the participant's normal daily routine, interrupt it and enrich it.

ALEA's random orders might make you dress, talk, walk, dance or cook in a specific manner for a day; they may create a specific interesting interaction between you and other ALEA participants, or strangers, or your mother; they may make you go to a specific spot in your town, read a specific text, paint a picture, pretend to be someone, or make an appointment with your dentist.

In our everyday life, we are constantly subject to "invisible" orders: you talk differently to your boss, friends or the beggar in the street; you sit differently in your office or in the bar. As a participant, these everyday actions will turn into a conscience act of performance, directed at yourself and at others.